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This Company Thinks We Want Smart Home Hubs to Look at Us With Creepy Little Robot Eyes

The robots turn their heads toward you when you're talking

Chinese technology company Gowild has designed a robot that presumably functions as some sort of smart home hub—according to a Google translation of their website, the robot is a "little robot partner ... for users to create a simple, comfortable, convenient and fun smart lifestyle." And the hook of this robot is that it has eyes, and it can turn its robot head to look at you while you are talking "the way a human would turn their head to listen to a friend," according to PSFK. In addition, "Two oval-like eyes can create 10 different expressions that echo facial features found in humans." We are not sure who on earth was asking for this, but now it exists. At least Gowild has a male robot in addition to the obligatory female one.