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Minimalists Will Adore This Gorgeous New Hotel in Mexico

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All about those clean lines and curves

File this under must-know hotels for the design-minded: The newly opened Mar Adentro Hotel in San José del Cabo, Mexico—that's the so far less commercial part of the Los Cabos tourism corridor—is pure paradise for minimalists. Designed by Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés, the eight-acre resort comprises cleaned-lined, all-white buildings, interspersed by tranquil pools and canals. It's all a bit futuristic and surreal, an impression amplified by the hotel's high-tech amenities.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, each of the 205 rooms and 39 villas in the complex come "equipped with a special tablet that enables guests to hyper-customize every detail of their stay, from the "lighting concept" (indoor and outdoor, as many rooms have terraces with hot tubs) to the temperature." The custom-made tablets can also operate the curtains and order room surface. Pretty neat!