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The 'World's Most Advanced Bed' May Be Ahead of Its Time

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Features include built-in move screen and aroma dispenser

The iNyx bed is the "world's most advanced bed" according to its Indiegogo campaign page. But alas, the world may not be ready for a bed this advanced, as it has currently raised zero dollars out of its $9,990 flex goal. What makes the bed so advanced, besides its futuristic shiny canopy? We're glad you asked.

1. Built-in retractable privacy blinds.

2. Built-in projector to watch movies, play video games, surf the Web, or work on your computer.

3. Built-in 5 point sound system.

4. Built-in LED lights. You can choose the colour between ambient red, blue, or white light.

5. Huge home theatre screen sliding down to the foot of the bed. By covering the bed from all sides and projecting a movie, you will have a cinema-like experience.

6. Drink holders where you can safely put drinks like coffee, juice, champagne, or other items.

7. Light system under and above the bed. Use it to create your own light show or set a sensual mood.


13. iNyx has also a built-in aroma dispenser system.

14. Therapeutic LED lighting mode that mimics the night sky. The ceiling of the iNyx is sprinkled with LED lights that look exactly like a peaceful blanket of stars.

Whoa. They might have buried the lede there about that aroma dispenser.

iNyx: World's most comfortable and advanced bed [Indiegogo]