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You Don't Have to Fear the Apocalypse to Appreciate a Good Survival Tube

This little tube could really come in handy after a natural disaster

We are not particularly worried about the world suddenly ending, although perhaps we should be. But even so, we can admire this very efficiently designed survival tube from Nendo and Sugita Ace, which fits a bevy of survival items into a case that's smaller than a standard umbrella. And that includes a poncho, so you don't even need an umbrella. And the tube itself is waterproof and can act as a flotation device. Here's everything that's inside of it:

1. A radio that you can also use to charge your smart phone.

2. A poncho.

3. A lantern (that you can charge with the radio).

4. A foil pouch of drinking water, with a cap that functions as a cup.

5. Miscellaneous case—you decide!

6. Bonus survival item: a whistle, to alert other survivors of your presence.

This Minimal Tube Has Everything You Need to Survive a Natural Disaster [Spoon & Tamago]