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Here's a House Made Out of 'Hempcrete' in Celebration of 4/20

No, you won't get high if the house burns down

"Hempcrete" is a type of building material made out of hemp plants and a lime-based binder, and according to this Kickstarter, it could be the future of sustainable home building. Unfortunately, the campaign is currently just over 10 percent funded (with a total goal of $60,000) with just under a month to go. But if there's one day that could all turn around, it's today, 4/20. Now, here are the answers to the two questions you were wondering about:

Is it legal to build with hempcrete?

While growing industrial hemp is still illegal in most of the U.S., building with the material is not. However, until the materials are fully certified and more widely understood, the permitting process for permanent hempcrete buildings could take some time.

Will I get "high" if my hempcrete building catches on fire?

Hempcrete is actually significantly more flame resistant than the common insulated wall. Due to the flame resistant properties of hemp-lime, it is very unlikely that it will ever catch on fire ... And if it did burn, anyone wanting to get high from the smoke would be extremely disappointed. The THC levels in industrial hemp are way too low.

Probably for the best.

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