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Etsy Is the Best Place to Kill Time Until the Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere

Here are 12 Game of Thrones-themed home goods

We are all very excited for the Game of Thrones season six premiere this Sunday. But instead of making ourselves crazy by reading endless recaps and predictions and analysis and trying to figure out who is going to die and in what order, allow us to present a simpler, more relaxing way to tide ourselves over: let's all look at a bunch of Game of Thrones-themed stuff on Etsy (and then talk ourselves out of buying it all), starting with this House Stark wall clock. Winter is indeed coming, but before it does you're probably going to need to check the time once in a while.

Here we have an Iron Throne toilet decal. Hopefully, you have fewer people vying for your toilet than Game of Thrones has people vying for the ruling seat of Westeros. And if you do, hopefully they die less frequently.

This is simply a really, really good map of Westeros and Essos. At least, we assume it's really good, although we can't quite make out all the details. It looks really good. Essos might have gotten a bit of a short shrift as far as labeling goes, but hey, it's Essos.

These etched drinking glasses are great for drinking out of and, we're assuming, getting into fights with your roommates/family over who gets to drink out of which glass. Also, nobody tells the Martells, Tyrells, Tullys, or Arryns about these glasses.

This one-of-a-kind cake topper will definitely come in handy whenever you're making a cake and you need to top it. "Happy birthday! You like Game of Thrones, right?"

This periodic table of Game of Thrones characters, which includes the fate of each character (through season 5), their houses, and their alliances, may be the nerdiest thing ever created and we want it.

Here's a House Stark weed grinder, even though the Starks seem like the least likely house to smoke weed. (1. Tyrell 2. Martell 3. Baratheon 4. Tully 5. Greyjoy 6. Lannister 7. Targaryen 8. Stark) Let's argue about this in the comments section.

This is one of about ten thousand "Dinner Is Coming" cutting boards on Etsy. But to be fair, it's a pretty good joke, as far as cutting boards go. Certainly the funniest cutting board we can think of off the tops of our heads.

These Khaleesi/Khal pillow cases are practical, and they win some originality points for not having anything to do with House Stark. Warning: do not attempt to set your husband on fire while he is sleeping on this pillow, even if you suspect that it might turn you into the Mother of Dragons.

These engraved wood coasters look great, and they managed to include all of the Great Houses, so props for that. Also, they will "make you feel the scent of the ancient time," which, sure.

If you'd like to take your House Stark allegiance to the outside of your home, this sigil banner flag is a great way to do that. But don't come complaining to us when your house is invaded and burned to the ground by a bunch of Greyjoys.

And finally, we come full circle with another clock. But this one is Targaryen themed. Funny, how this post started with a focus on the Starks, but then in the end the Targaryens came out of nowhere and took over. Wonder if anything else is going to play out that way...