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Decorating With Books: 7 Mind-Boggling Examples Ready For Your Judgment

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Folks get very creative about this

One of the trends we didn't love in 2015 was using books as decoration and lest you thought the whole ordeal stops at some harmless color-coded shelves—well, it doesn't. As we've been tracking for the last several months, the methods through which books have been adapted into design statements have become so...imaginative that they border on being grotesque. Let's take a look at some examples, shall we?

1. Is this a coat rack...for books?

Curbed's resident books-as-decor expert Jeremiah Budin has a few things to say about this "Hanging Book Shelving" invention: "It looks somewhat cool, but not cool enough to justify the space you're wasting/damage you're probably doing to the books by hanging them, and the overall visual effect is basically just books sitting on a shelf anyway."

2. Open books as headboard/accent wall

Yep, this is a thing that exists in a new mixed-use development in Atlanta. You can say it's efficient because you can technically read 20 books at once, but that also sounds stressful. It's eye-catching, though, we give it that.

3. Books as firewood

Our book-as-decor expert said it best when he headlined the original article about this fireplace in a Brooklyn studio: "Here's a Great Way to Store Books If You Hate Reading."

4. Books as Jenga

We'd be afraid to take out too many books from this highly creative shelf at the Los Angeles Athletic Club's newly renovated Blue Room.

5. The classic bookshelf arranged by color (Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, apparently!)

As seen in a ravishing South African retreat...okay, this does look rather nice.

7. Flying books!!!

A "book-themed" hotel in Tokyo gets creative. Hmm.

7. The most useful "book"

We're not sure what to make of this, but you can definitely sit on it.

So are you impressed? Inspired? Offended? The comments section is wide open if you want to share other remarkable feats of books-as-decor and/or how you feel about this whole thing in general.

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