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Just What We All Wanted: An Alarm Clock That Shocks Us Awake

Couldn't we just go to bed a little earlier?

The Shock Clock WakeUp Trainer, an alarm clock that you wear on your wrist that zaps you if you try to snooze for too long, set out with a modest $1,000 Indiegogo goal. As of today, with 19 days left in its campaign, it has raised over $40,000. Apparently this is the thing we have all been waiting for. Users in the video below tout the clocks ability to really wake you up, instantly, which we guess makes sense. Hopefully this doesn't lead to some kind of self-torture alarm clock trend. Maybe we could just all go to bed a little earlier?

Shock Clock WakeUp Trainer -Never Hit Snooze Again [Indiegogo, via Design Taxi]