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MTV Cribs is Coming Back on Snapchat

Soon you'll be able to ogle the homes of the rich and famous from your smartphone

'Cribs'—that time capsule treasure of early '00s celebrity home decor—is returning to a (smaller) screen near you. MTV is reviving the show on Snapchat as a way to reach newer, younger audiences, according to Variety.

In case you're too young to remember the original, which premiered in 2000 and featured glitzy personal home tours from the likes of Aaron Carter, 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey, here's a handy guide to the five best 'Cribs' episodes.

The June reboot will have a similar premise, but without the full-fledged camera crew. Rather, celebrities will talk straight to the camera and give more "intimate" tours of their swanky pads. MTV has already signed on musical artists Mac Miller, Austin Mahone, and Travis Mills to show viewers around their homes as part of an eight-episode Snapchat series.

MTV has seen flagging ratings for the last several years and is looking for new ways to reach new viewers. In February, the company started experimented with publishing news and interviews on their Snapchat Discovery channel.

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