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Solid Gold, Fully Functioning Toilet Coming to the Guggenheim

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It only becomes art when somebody uses it, according to the artist

Artist Maurizio Cattelan is coming out of retirement to bestow upon the Guggenheim Museum a fully functioning solid gold toilet. That people will be able to use, apparently. Via the New York Times:

It will, instead, be installed in early May just off one of the ramps of the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan, in a small, humble room where visitors often feel the urge to spend some time alone. The room has tiles, a sink, a mirror and a lock on the door. And now, instead of its standard Kohler toilet, it will have a solid 18-karat-gold working replica of one, a preposterously scatological apotheosis of wealth whose form is completed in its function: You could go into the restroom just to bask in its glow, Mr. Cattelan said, but it becomes an artwork only with someone sitting on it or standing over it, answering nature’s call.

This is really annoying, because we were thinking about getting a solid gold toilet for our house and now it's going to see like we were just copying Maurizio Cattelan.

Duchamp, Eat Your Heart Out: The Guggenheim Is Installing a Gold Toilet [NYT, via Archinect]