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New Chinese Skyscraper Would Be World’s Third Tallest

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If completed, the proposed project in Shenzen would add another record-breaker to the country's crop of megatall towers

Set to rise 2,297 feet (700 meters) above Shenzhen's Central Business District, the proposed H700 Shenzhen Tower would be one of the three tallest buildings in the world.

Designed by Chicago-based bKL Architecture, the tower's geometric, tapered style is sleeker than many entires in the recent class of megatalls. Its chevron-patterned support structure and V-shaped angled recesses give the impression of a grounded structure that's still reaching for taller heights.

This "V" motif is also repeated at the building's crown, where a six-story inner structure rises to a crystal-like peak before fanning upwards to connect with the building's main vertical supports.

Renderings show that the tower will have four floors filled with sky gardens at various levels of the structure, in addition to a large commercial and civic plaza at the building's base.

There's no timeline for the project's construction.

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