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$20K Prefab Pods Perfect for Home Offices, Music Rooms, and More

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Pretty groovy

Offering a glam option in the market of man caves, she sheds, or whatever it is they're calling it these days is Australian prefab pod maker Harwyn, whose product comes in four different sizes for maximum versatility. Intended for use as everything from a home office to a writer's studio to a music room, Harwyns are finished in European-made aluminum composite material and offer thermal and sound insulation, with additional options for adding a desk, cabinetry, LED lighting, and high-tech sound system. Also customizable is the finishing color. There's a range of options in solids and metallics, but the "transitional colors" style seen in these photos seem to be the most unique yet. The starting cost for a Harwyn? $26,400 AUS (~$20,366)