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Minimalist Brick Chapel Animated by Dance of Light and Shadow

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Humble materials and detailed design converge at gorgeous house of worship

Designed by architect Nicolás Campodónico and built entirely from century-old bricks found at the site, the sparely furnished Capilla San Bernardo in La Playosa, Argentina, is all about light.

It doesn't have electricity, running water, or really even furniture. From the private courtyard outside, the 990-square-foot structure appears to be a simple rectangular building, but the interior is all arches and curves, providing a blank concave canvas for the movement of sunlight along its walls.

A wide opening on the western end of the building lets in direct, natural light. As the sun sets, shadows from a set of horizontal and vertical lines that converge on the curved wall to form of a cross.

"Every day, the shadows of the poles make their way separately, just as in the "Via Crucis," to finally meet and recreate the cross," Campodónico wrote in a video about the space.

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