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If You Love Spinning Stuff, Fund These Kickstarters

Want a spinning Swiss army knife? A spinning phone? It's your lucky day

We all have spinning tops that we love and use frequently, of course, but what purpose do these tops serve other than letting us know if we are suspended indefinitely in a dream state? Now there is a top that does much, much more. It's called Mr.Alpha top, and it is 0.58% of the way to its Kickstarter goal of £5,000. The Swiss Army knife of tops, it comes equipped with a flashlight, knife, bottle opener, screw driver, and "scratcher," for scratching lottery tickets and things. And it spins, because it's a top. But if that's not enough spinning for you, check out this other crowdfunding campaign, the FibRot, which is trying to raise $30,000 on Indiegogo.

What a day for people who really like stuff when it spins, for whatever reason.

Mr.Alpha top - world's first multi-functional top [Kickstarter]

Fibrot - rotation mobile stimulator [Indiegogo]