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Drab Barcelona Apartment Reborn with Illuminated Interior and Modern Finishes

Strategic spatial adjustments help give a dark, drab home a contemporary makeover

Architect Adrian Elizalde has done it again, turning another old, dark Barcelona apartment into somewhere you'd actually want to live.

This narrow home was previously divided into a series of smaller rooms, effectively cutting off any natural light from reaching the inner recesses of the apartment. Strategic demolition of partition walls allowed Elizalde to both open up the home and divide it into three larger areas: the living room at the front, dining room and kitchen in the middle, and bedroom toward the rear.

Now filled with exposed steel beams, oak floors, and minimalist built-ins, the home feel contemporary and fresh. Elizalde also restored a few of the apartment's original details, like the ceiling moldings, but with nearly every surface covered in white or wood grain, the overall affect is light-filled, warm, and modern.

The kitchen's geometric tile floor adds a dash of pattern and visual texture in the otherwise simple surfaces.

Renovation of 1930s Apartment Unveils Gorgeous Ceramic Tile, Vaulted Ceilings [Curbed]