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Eco-Friendly Upstate NY House Shows How to Protect Birds and Nature

A bird-loving architect designs the home of his dreams

Whenever we share homes with lots of glass walls, readers love to say: oh those poor birds. Well, here's an architect who went above and beyond to care for the birds when designing his own home in upstate New York, overlooking the Hudson River. Sustainability-minded architect Allan Shope, whose triangle-shaped home is built discreetly into a hill for natural cooling, employed Ornilux windows that feature an inner coating that reflects UV light visible to birds but not humans.

There's more. In building the nearly 3,000-square-foot home, Shope and his wife made sure to avoid felling trees where owls might nest. The eco-friendly landscape also includes flower species that feed hummingbirds and monarch butterflies. Get the full story on the home, which incorporates tons more sustainable features like reclaimed black walnut floors and a 24 kWh solar array that powers under-floor radiant heating, over at Dwell.