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Gorgeous Modern House in Patagonia Opens Right Up to the Great Outdoors

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We'd move in

Who says California and parts of Europe have a monopoly on good ol' clean-lined modern residential design? Australian (and Brazilian!) architects provide plenty of daydream fodder for the design-inclined, too.

But Brazil doesn't have the South American market cornered: Masterminded by Buenos Aires-based firm Remy Arquitectos, this gorgeous house—called Casa Rampa—is located in Argentina's Patagonia region and opens right up to the great outdoors.

On a site along the country's Limay River, the architects built a pretty lavish private residence, with grounds that include a pool and deck (natch), along with a landscaped backyard. The house itself, a rectangular volume made of concrete, stone, and locally sourced Lapacho wood, is rather grand, too, and includes open-plan interiors that flow unpartitioned from one to the next, over three levels.

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