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This Nature-Inspired Lighting System Can Expand Like Tree Branches

The Splyt Lamp provides illumination inspired by nature

Simple, branch-like lamps are a hot design trend at the moment, and now, you can customize an organic fixture of your very own.

Assembled from a kit of components that screw together in custom configurations, the Splyt Light's branching structure echoes natural fractal formations such as tree branches, streams, and coral, giving the lamp a dendriform design.

The tip of each piece is fitted with a conventional candelabra light socket that can either form the base of another component or hold a lightbulb, and the entire fixture can screw directly into a normal light socket or lamp base. With extensions, the basic kit can be expanded to support 250 watts worth of bulbs (the starter set comes with eight 10-watt bulbs).

The clever modular design was created by lighting designer Jason Krugman and computational designer Scott Leinweber. The duo wanted to make a product that anyone could use to build their perfect light.

A Kickstarter for the Splyt Light has already raised more than double the original goal.

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