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Video Game Lets You Create Ornate Patterns Inspired by Islamic Architecture

Algorithmic artwork forms the basis of gorgeous visual puzzle game Engare

The intricate geometry of traditional Islamic ornamentation is finding a new home online. First there was the team of architects translating Central Asia's mosaics into code. Now, Iranian game designer Mahdi Bahrami has re-imagined Islamic pattern-making for the digital age.

Bahrami created Engare, a video game where tessellated patterns form the basis of engaging visual puzzles. Players must use a set of moving tools to replicate the correct series of shapes, with patterns getting progressively more complex every level.

As users create these intricate tessellations, they intuitively learn about the mathematical principles underlying the designs. But don't be afraid you'll have flashbacks to junior-year geometry class. Based on videos of Bahrami's prototype, the game is visually captivating.

Bahrami plans to release a finished version of Engare for mobile and PC by the end of the summer, according to Co.Design.

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