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Watching a Guy Ride a Hoverboard on a Skyscraper's Edge Seems Like a Good Enough Reason to Just Get Rid of Skyscrapers Entirely

These videos are unbearable

Look, skyscrapers, we had a nice run. You brought a lot of good stuff to the table, such as the ability to fit a whole lot of people into a relative small plot of land. Also, a great many of you had interesting and inventive designs, and were, come to think of it, incredible feats of engineering. Unfortunately, it turns out that there's a young man/human personification of the concept of hubris in Russia who has been videotaping himself riding a hoverboard on top of one of you, like right to the edge, over and over again, and after watching 37 seconds of that we have the decided that the best course of action is to destroy every single skyscraper on earth and actually just have no buildings taller than one story. Sorry it worked out this way. It really wasn't your fault.

Also, that Kanye West song is now ruined, so thanks for that, Russian guy.

Watch a Daring Hoverboard Ride on a Skyscraper's Edge [City Lab]