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Ikea's First Fashion Designer Collaboration Features Hallucinatory Houseware

It's eye-popping design with an actual popping eyeball.

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Starter-furniture giant Ikea might be best known for old standbys such as simple flat-pack designs and Swedish meatballs. But the Scandinavian big is always game for trying something new, whether it's mushroom packaging, virtual reality, or tabletop gardening.

As part of its latest experiment, the company teaming up with a group of fashion designers, and the odd fruits of their first collaboration with cheeky menswear designer Katie Eary are fresh from the factory.

Eary's limited-edition Giltig collection is a series of objects—tableware, furniture, and textiles—printed with eye-popping patterns, including a print actually depicting popping eyeballs. Bold and brightly hued, the playfully surreal items include fish-patterned lamp shades, cat plates, and an apron decorated with a blood-red knot of intestines.

Eary told Ikea that her new designs were inspired by her little brothers and Johnny Depp's character from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. She wanted to create strange, hallucinatory objects with a weird backstory. Based on the imagery below, the collection succeeds, adding a trippy edge to Ikea's largely clean-cut, uncontroversial offerings.

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