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World's Iconic Libraries, Reimagined as Colorful, Minimalist Posters

Modern architecture gets the graphic design treatment.

Portuguese architect and illustrator André Chiote has turned many of modern architecture's most masterful libraries into stylish graphic art. By rendering these community structures with simple geometric forms, Chiote distills each building down to its essence.

These clean and open compositions, featuring a limited color palette and abstract shapes, evoke the style of minimalist mid-century posters. From the angled planes and diamond-shaped panes of Rem Koolhaas's Seattle Public Library to the iconic pink-and-green swirl of a stairway inside Herzog & de Meuron's Cottbus Library in Brandenburg, Germany, Chiote has turned these centers of knowledge into colorful, nostalgic creations.

"Libraries are houses of books," Chiote told ArchDaily. "And newspapers. And magazines. And music. And movies. The entire world connected, where we are with ourselves and with others. They are our memories and our legacy. The reference of knowledge and leisure but also urbanity. Libraries are the house where we must always return."

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