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Revamp Transforms Quake-damaged Barn Into Modern Home

The results are gorgeous

Though some revamps are spurred solely by a desire to keep up with the latest trends, some of the best renovation projects are spurred by necessity and the pressures of aging infrastructure. This former barn turned home in the Italian city of Bomporto—about 20 miles west of Bologna—is a great case study for a middle-of-the-road option: finding a creative reuse for an ailing structure.

Italian firm Archiplan Studio helped rehabilitate the barn, hiding the interiors behind accordion-style wood-slat shutters on the former barn's facade. Nods to the structure's agricultural days abound: The interiors, for example, feature gabled ceilings with exposed timber trusses, and wood surfacing of all sorts (for floors, walls, and as accents).

The sleek, open-plan spaces inside also include a second-level master suite with a freestanding bathtub, office, and cloistered bedroom with views out to the surrounding countryside and an unpartitioned living and dining room with kitchen. Take a look.

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