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Memphis Design Inspired This Cool New Moscow Restaurant

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Oddly charming

Occupying a completely renovated standalone building in Moscow, this new restaurant offering Israeli cuisine is a potpourri of materials and inspirations. First, there's the striking black facade speckled with slanted white rectangles, a clear nod to the patterns of Ettore Sottsass, father of the '80s Memphis design movement that the restaurant owners are particularly fond of.

Led by local firm Crosby Studios, the renovation stripped the place back to reveal raw concrete walls, much of which have now been covered with corrugated roofing panels. Some of the tables, as well as the bar, are made of shiny wood veneer, while other tables are covered with white ceramic tiles. Meanwhile, the large windows are supposed to conjure the warmth of Tel Aviv, despite a reality of snowy Moscow views. Named Dizengof 99, the restaurant is a true study in contrasts, and somehow it all works.