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Inventor Wants Customized Scents to Become a Part of Design

Imagine being able to control what you smell via your smartphone

Harvard professor David Edwards, the man who is 2014 managed to send a "digital smell message" from Paris to New York, is now releasing his first commercial smell-related product—a digital smell speaker, which users can but in their cars or homes and control via a smartphone app to release customized scents. According to Edwards, scent is severely underutilized in design, and his work aims to change that. The smell speaker, called Cyrano, could have broadly applications as well. It could be used to provide an extra dimension in movie theaters (some already do this, but not well), as an educational tool for sommeliers and baristas, or even in the medical field administering tests for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

The Harvard Professor Who Is Digitizing Scent [Co. Design]