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Throw Pillows: In Defense of a Divisive Home Accessory

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It's a throw pillow throwdown

Ah, the throw pillow. What is it about these fluffy, down-filled squares (they are usually squares) that causes so much hand-wringing when it comes to interior design?

For one, they're often points of color, pattern, and texture (both physical and visual) in a room and can thus take on outsize aesthetic importance: Choose the wrong throw pillow and your room looks like a wreck. But the right one has transformative properties.

For example: This editor, recently on the hunt to find just such a pillow to partner his emerald green sofa, found a bright-yellow one, etched with a subtle pattern of geometric lines, that heightens the sofa's viridescence (photo evidence below).

✨ after a big Sunday spring cleaning ✨

A photo posted by Asad Syrkett (@as4d) on

Web search interest in throw pillows in the United States has risen consistently over the last few years, neatly coinciding with the proliferation of design blogs across the Internet. They are, after all, an easy way to zhoozh up a space quickly, and don't have to cost a ton.

Of course, like any design element, a throw pillow can definitely be misused or deployed inexpertly (we're lookin' at you, throw pillows made to look like they've been karate chopped at the center).

So with which side do you stand (or, we suppose, sit) on the throw pillow debate? Vote and let us know in the comments!

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