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Danish Rock Museum Is Meant to 'Ooze Rock 'n' Roll Attitude'

Gold and velvet: the two classic symbols of rock music

This "rock, pop and youth culture" museum in Roskilde, Denmark opens today, and according to its creators MVRDV and COBE it is "oozing rock ’n’ roll attitude, with its golden exterior and velvety red interior." Because nothing is more rock 'n' roll than gold, and velvet, and lots and lots of little pyramids, we guess? Okay. Dan Stubbergaard of COBE goes on to explain that "the scarlet red interior of the foyer resembles the velvety inside of a guitar case," which would actually have worked as an explanation if the word "foyer" hadn't been involved.

MVRDV and COBE's Museum of Rock Opens in the Danish City of Roskilde [Arch Daily]