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Quirky-Cool Paris Apartment Full of Fabulously Curvy Designs

Amusing and charming

Although not downright eye-popping, the Paris apartment of French product designer and interior architect Jean-Marc Gady gets more interesting the closer you look and the farther you go into it. Featured recently over on Elle Decor España, the apartment is a well preserved space in a classic Haussmann building in the 8th arrondissement with large windows and high ceilings. But Gady made it his own with fascinating furnishing choices, many of which are his own designs.

In open living area, once separated from the hallway by a partition wall, now stands a rounded shelf by Gady, which acts as a more porous room divider. The rest of the living room also showcases Gady's curvaceous designs, including the marshmallow-like chairs and the colorful rug. By the kitchen, Gady worked some small-space magic, creating a mini office in the corner of the room, with curvy wood-and-steel shelves that hug the walls. As for the bedroom, would you expect anything else than a round bed? Check out the rest of the photos here.