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One Man's Quest to Change Milwaukee's Terrible Flag

The flag has been called one of the worst ever

The flag of the city of Milwaukee was described by 99 Percent Invisible host Roman Mars, during his TED Talk on flags, as "one of the biggest train wrecks in vexillological history," and we're sure that anyone who is aware of the definition of "vexillological" (pertaining to flag design) would agree. One person who definitely agrees is Milwaukee resident Steve Kodis, who quit his graphic designing job to focus full time on getting the flag changed. Kodis, along with local nonprofit Greater Together Milwaukee, has been running a contest and soliciting entries from the public. The contest is now down to a final five, which will be presented and voted on in May. It should be noted, though that the success of Kodis's campaign is far from a sure thing—there have been two other competitions in the past to redesign Milwaukee's flag and both ended with the city decided to just keep the terrible old one. And just recently, a competition to redesign New Zealand's flag had the same result, with the winner getting voted down in a national referendum.

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