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Blinds Go High-Tech With Futuristic, Self-Adjusting Smart Device

This smart blinds system brings window coverings into the 21st century

This little gizmo might just tip the scales in the blinds vs. curtains debate. The FlipFlic, a simple retrofit for existing window coverings, transforms staid blinds into smart blinds that automatically adjust based on the light, temperature, or time of day.

The small device clicks onto the blinds' existing tilt mechanism, enabling it to be remotely and automatically controlled by a smartphone app. The device is recharged by a small solar panel mounted directly to the window, or it can be manually plugged into a mini-USB cord and re-charged every month or so.

The FlipFlic's inventor—Ksenia Vinogradova of the San Francisco-by-way-of-Estonia company Jalousier, Inc.—cooked up the idea after becoming frustrated by the need to constantly adjust blinds at home and at the office.

After two years of R&D, Jalousier just launched a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign to bring the FlipFlic into production. You can support the campaign for $60 and get an early release device, or pay $85 for a later model with the solar panel included.

Like other smart home products of the moment, the FlipFlic integrates with a range of smart home hubs using Bluetooth low energy technology and the ZigBee IoT standard.

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