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Quaint French Riviera Cottage Transformed Into Sleek Country Escape

The straightforward design of this renovated country house recall a child's drawing

With summer soon approaching, here's another stylish country house to add to your daydreams: a sweet French rural retreat with such minimalist detail, it looks like a child's sketch brought to life.

Architect Cyril Chênebeau transformed a one-room cottage near Nice into a chic 60-square-meter (roughly 649-square-foot) home.

The original building — with its iconic roofline and rectangular door and windows — was completely renovated to make room for a kitchen on the garden level and a bedroom above. The original structure's exterior was refinished and painted a rusty red. Thick white borders painted around the door and windows echo the rectangular forms of the addition.

Chênebeau designed two white concrete extensions connected to the rear and side of the house, creating a modern counterbalance to the original cottage's more traditional features. The rear addition contains a bathroom, shower, and dressing area while the taller side addition houses a double-height living room.

The space connecting the living room and kitchen is bordered by a large plate glass window that can be retracted into the wall to open the home to the terrace.

The stairway leading up to the bedroom doubles as kitchen storage.

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