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Curbed Readers Share Their Favorite Drink-and-Interior Pairings

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Our crowdsourced guide to mastering the art of interior mixology

The people have spoken: Curbed readers and editors alike have shared their ideal drink-and-interior pairings, from cocktails to tea and lakeside porches to midcentury modern living rooms. Without further ado, here are 15 great pairings from across the Curbediverse.

Comment below if you have any other favorite drink-and-interior pairings!

Readers' Picks

1. "A martini in Dean Martin’s house!" – Buster57

2. "Leather Chesterfield with a Bourbon on the rocks." – Dale_Doback

3. "A White Russian on the living room couch at the Sheats Goldstein Residence!" – LittleLarrySellers

4. "One of those janky folding aluminum chairs, lakeside in Alabama, Bud heavy." – Chad Mumm with Americana at its finest.

5. "Cappuccino and Papa Bear Chair." – Ronenandlev

6. "In my dreams it's kompot (fermented fruit drink) at Manitoga (Russell Wright's modernist home)" – lisatrout

7. "Champagne... anywhere." – Glavovic

8. "Tavern booth and Old Fashioned" – Charles Heath going old-school with a pairing perfectly suited for any Mad Men fan.

9. "Conversation pit & Courvoisier" – Elizabeth Dobies Dury

Editors' Picks

10. "A glass of scotch in a cozy library." – Robert Khederian

11. "Margarita and a zarape." – Mercedes Kraus

12. "Miller House with a Miller Lite all the way." – AJ LaTrace with his alliteration game on point.

13. "Adirondack chair (especially if it’s overlooking some sort of beautiful landscape, like the Hudson River Valley in upstate NY) and a glass of rosé." – Amy Plitt

14. "Strawberry lemonade and a Thonet rocker!" – Sally Kuchar

15. "Iced tea and a Thonet rocker." – Kelsey Keith

May these wonderful pairings from our community inspire your next imbibing venture! If you have any other favorites, let us know in the comments, and send us photos of your pairings by tagging #curbed on Instagram.

Remember, where you drink is as important as what you drink. Stay classy, citizens of Curbed.

Interior Mixology: What's Your Favorite Drink and Interior Pairing? [Curbed]