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Connecticut Nightmare Castle Now Down to $39 Million

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That's a $6 million discount

If you are in the market for a ludicrous nightmare of a castle in the northeast, you may remember this ludicrous nightmare castle in Connecticut from 2014, and also remember that it was a tad pricey at $45 million. But now there's good news: the castle's ask has since been lowered to an eminently reasonable $39 million. Here are some fun and/or nightmarish facts about it:

  • The castle was once licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a traveling zoo, which apparently led to a camel starving to death, due to neglect.
  • It has a moat.
  • It was constructed from 2003-2009 and cost $4.1 million to build.
  • At one point a modeling agency advertised that it was operating out of the castle.

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