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Entire English Time Capsule Village Hits the Market For $28.6 Million

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The sellers are hoping to find a buyer who won't change it too much

Anyone looking to buy an entire village has a wealth of options these days—there's the crumbling Tuscany village on the market for $44.6 million (a little on the pricey side), the Nevada town asking $8 million (one might say, suspiciously cheap), and now, the most recent addition, the little English village asking £20 million ($28.6 million in U.S. dollars, which seems juuuuuuust right for an entire village). The village of West Heslerton is on the market after the former owner, Eve Dawnay, who inherited it from her father (and he from his father, and he from his father before him), passed away with no single heir. Dawnay fostered a sense of community in the village by keeping the rents low on the more than 40 houses, and while her family is looking for a benevolent buyer to carry on that legacy, the more likely scenario is that some sort of development is in West Heslerton's future.

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