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Modular Housing Offers Prototype for Suburban Living in Australia

Could this be the wave of the future for suburban development?

We've seen all sorts of stylish Australian new-build homes and residential extensions from that country's architectural community, but an innovative prototype for housing, with implications for local cities' growth and development, is a rarer find.

Designed by Aussie firm MSG Architecture as a prototype for housing in a suburbs of Perth, Australia, the Erpingham house, as this modular home is known, was created to be compact, eco-friendly, and easy-to-build, so that it can be replicated elsewhere.

The 1,614-square-foot house (150 square meters), three-bedroom, two-bath house comprises a two-story volume with a cantilevering upper level, clad in corrugated-metal siding. Inside, a largely open-plan living room with an adjoining kitchen and dining room, separated by an unvarnished timber partition, round out the first-floor common areas, with bedrooms and baths upstairs.

Simple materials, like plywood (for room-dividing walls) and polished concrete (for the floors) helped keep construction costs low and provide a neutral palette for the clients, a young family. A deck off the first-level common areas, accessed via glass doors, offers an outdoor sitting room.

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