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“The Power Broker” Game Design Challenge: Make Robert Moses Fun Again!

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Don't worry, you don't have the finish the Power Broker to compete

Robert Caro's seminal book on New York master builder Robert Moses, The Power Broker, which weighs in at 1,344 pages, is a challenge for even the most dedicated urban planning fan. That, and the continued relevancy of the Pulitzer-winning book's deep dive into urban politics, city design, and infrastructure, may be why one group wants to make the hefty tome more accessible in the digital age.

"The Power Broker": A Game Design Competition, organized by Tim Hwang, a fellow at the Data & Science Institute, asks contestants to create video and tabletop games faithful to the themes presented in the influential book. The winner will receive $2,000, with two runner-ups in the tabletop and video game category taking home $500 each.

Contestants have to register by April 29, and will have roughly three months to design their games. For those slightly intimidated by the source material, don’t fret:

IMPORTANT: You DO NOT have to have read the entirety of The Power Broker in order to compete in this game design challenge.