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Gorgeous, Glittering Wood Display Offers a Vision of the Interface of the Future

This sci-fi prototype by Australian studio ENESS may foreshadow beautiful display technology to come

Display screens are a far too common sight in the modern world — we're surrounded by computer monitors, televisions, digital signs, and smartphone glass. But a new proof-of-concept design by the Australian interactive studio ENESS hints at a new type of screen to come.

In a video released on Vimeo, ENESS showed off a responsive display that looks like a simple wood panel. But a single touch sends colorful illuminated shapes flickering across the board.

The design of the wood tile is so simple and elegant, it's easy to imagine such a display covering the walls of a home, or being integrated into a responsive tabletop or smart home device.

The Woodtile display appears to be a new incarnation of LUMES — ENESS's interactive, light-emitting tile system shown at last year's Sydney Indesign fair.

woodtile_01 [Vimeo]

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