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Renovated Apartment Artfully Combines Old and New in Prague

Colorful furniture and aging walls provide a gorgeous study in contrasts

Prague-based architecture firm DDAANN transformed this formerly cramped and claustrophobic two-room apartment into a smart summer rental.

The designers made the bold decision to preserve the studio's aged and peeling walls, providing an immediate indication of its rich and storied past. The furnishings, however, are all clean-lined modernism, creating a delicious tension between the old and new.

The clean white expanse of the floor and ceiling further contrasts with the erratic, warm patina of the walls.

In the kitchen, simply designed cabinets were painted in bright, minimalist blocks of color. From the living room to the bathroom vanity, all the furniture has a whiff of De Stijl — a Dutch art and design movement from the nineteen-teens that prized pure abstraction, color, and orthogonal forms.

The house-like shape of the canopy bed helps create a relaxing haven in the open-plan apartment.

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