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Ikea Brings Kitchen Design to Virtual Reality in New App

Explore three different kitchen schemes

Ikea may have wild ideas about the kitchen of the future, but in the interim, the Swedish furniture giant is unveiling a new way for consumers to tinker with kitchens of the present. Launching today on the major game platform Steam, the Ikea VR Experience is a virtual reality pilot app that brings the kitchen design experience to virtual reality, a much-buzzed about technology that already has very real implications for architecture and real estate.

In the app, Ikea's first dip into VR, you can explore three different kitchen schemes, modify the color of the cabinetry with a click, and adjust your view by either "shrinking" or "stretching" your virtual self. A tool like this could, for example, help a parent identify latent safety hazards for, say, a 3-foot-tall toddler.

Of course, the first step to VR is a virtual reality headset. And it looks like Ikea's app, which is free to play, requires the HTC Vive headset, also just released today. If you are able to play it, Ikea wants your feedback, as the app will be continuously updated until August, when this pilot test ends.

See some screenshots below.