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86-Square-Foot Storage Closet Transformed Into Livable Paris Flat

It packs an incredible amount into an impossibly small footprint

Clocking in at just 8 square meters (that's a teeny 86 square feet), this Paris apartment, renovated by local firm Kitoko Studio, was once a bleak storage closet, and contained just a small sink and a single window.

To make this limited footprint work, Kitoko devised a custom storage unit that also doubles as a frame for a lofted sleeping space: A bookshelf slides out from the module to act as a mini stairway up to the bed; clothes closets slide open and closed for easy access; a work/dining table rolls out from the module; a bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet hides behind another panel.

Looking to cook? The apartment also has a kitchenette: The architects replaced the existing sink with a new one, and added a microwave, storage space, removable cooktop, and small fridge.

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