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This Machine Lets You Brew Beer With an App

Because brewing your own beer is too difficult, but buying beer at the store is not difficult enough?

The appeal of brewing beer yourself, if we had to take a stab, probably has something to do with taking a difficult and complicated process and mastering it, while simultaneously gifting yourself alcohol as a reward. However, now there's a device that purports to make brewing your own beer easy, which kind of flies in the face of all our assumptions about why people did it in the first place. The Artbrew, which has already raised $236,257 and counting in a wildly succesful Kickstarter campaign, allows you to choose a beer recipe from an app, pour in the ingredients, and then the machine does the rest. The whole thing only takes one week, which is only one week longer than it takes to go to the store and buy some beer.

Artbrew: World's Best Craft Beer Home Brewery [Kickstarter, via contemporist]