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Wild Dome Home Repurposed From WWII Warship Scraps Asks $776K

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The cannon holes became "skylights"

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Location: West Linn, Oregon

Price: $775,900

Just a 30-minute drive south of Portland, Oregon sits a wildly unconventional home: a bulbous, nine-dome dwelling that looks like it could be built for Smurfs or Hobbits. But its otherworldly exterior is just the start. Even more intriguing is the interior, which is great proof that the house was a true passion project. The highlight is a 30-foot-wide living room with 18-foot ceilings and halo-esque recessed lighting. And then there are custom curved cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, 19 skylights that are neat but apparently also leaky, and intricate wall art that amplify the kookily enchanting vibe.

Built in 1978, the 2,400-square-foot house was the brainchild of Francisco Reynders, a Dutch artist, set designer, and mime who trained under the legendary French mime Marcel Marceau. According to Oregon Live, Reynders was inspired to build the home after finding discarded gun turret shrouds of an WWII aircraft carrier at a junkyard on the Willamette River. Reynders, no fan of regular boxy houses with sharp angles, set out to the create his "organically sensuous" dome home, and the shrouds ended up becoming the two smaller bedrooms and bathrooms—the holes for the warship's cannons became the skylights.

Peter Einstein, the second owner of the home, purchased it after Reynders passed away in 1996. Last year, after fighting off developers who wanted to tear down the house, Einstein sold the home to someone who vowed to keep the place intact. This third owner has recently put the house on the market again, no doubt searching for a very special buyer. The property was asking $849,000 in November but has just been pricechopped to $775,900.