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Sloped House Features Planted Roof, 'Upside-Down' Interiors

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It also harvests solar energy and is wrapped roof to base in rubber

We've seen houses built into grassy slopes, but this residence in Belgium, designed by local firm OYO Architecture, is the grassy slope. Dubbed the "House Pibo," the geometric, partially submerged dwelling—which is, unexpectedly, wrapped in a rubber roofing material—features a planted roof that angles up and away from the street, rising two stories.

Inside, spaces occupy a series of terraces and mezzanines, with common areas—like a sitting room and open-plan kitchen and dining room—arranged so that they are closest to the street (and natural light), with a warren of more private bedrooms and baths downstairs, or, as Designboom reports, "half a floor below ground level." The interiors feature a natural material palette, too: wood flooring abounds, as do whitewashed walls that help keep things feeling bright and airy.

There are sustainable design strategies being employed here, too: Photovolatic panels on the home's south facade help collect sunlight.

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