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Benevolent Robot Will Deliver Domino's Pizza to Your Door

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It drives around and keeps pizza warm, which is really all a robot needs to do

We done some harping in the past about the creepy robots that people are building that are probably going to destroy us all. But there's nothing to worry about this with robot, because this robot, which delivers Domino's pizza, is one of the good ones. Couldn't it deliver better food? you may be asking. Probably. But Domino's went into all the trouble of developing it, so it's Dominoes or nothing for the time being. The Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU) drives itself around and keeps the pizza warm, which are really the only two functions that any robot needs. Unfortunately, it is currently only being tested to operate in Australia.

Domino’s Pizza Robot may soon bring you a hot pie and cold soda [Inhabitat]