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Renovation of 1930s Apartment Unveils Gorgeous Ceramic Tile, Vaulted Ceilings

We'd move in

Barcelona's historic residential structures have been fertile ground for design innovation lately—from a 19th-century apartments given sleek revamps to a colorful apartment with its original Spanish tiles preserved.

For the renovation of a circa-1930s, 70-square-meter (753 square-foot) apartment in Barcelona's Eixample district, local architect Adrian Elizade took a dialed-down approach, revealing gorgeous ceramic tile floors hidden beneath layers added during previous interventions in the space. Elizade also left the barrel vaulted ceilings exposed, painting them white, along with the walls.

Elizade also designed the custom plywood furniture that dots the apartment, including a custom bench in the entry that doubles as storage, and a strut-leg dining table.

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