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Victorian House's Airy, Loftlike Extension Offers Sunny Workspace

It literally raises the roof

For a professor at the Royal College of Art's School of Communication in London, whimsically named local firm Studio Octopi added a lofted extension on a house they had previously renovated. The light-filled space, built to accommodate a study and sitting area, was created to take advantage of usable square footage under the gabled roof of the old Victorian house in south London.

The extension is accessed via a perforated-steel staircase and its interiors, which feature oiled-plywood walls and floors, are illuminated via a giant skylight added in the first renovation. A broad window at the front of new space also helps bring in natural light.

Working with the existing structure was a challenge—especially when it came to operating around changes made in the original work Studio Octopi carried out on the house. The client wanted to make sure as much illumination from the skylight filtered in as possible, and the perforations in the steel stairway help facilitate that.

And, as one could imagine, planning and preservation restrictions applied, too: The architects told Dezeen used "slate tiling and timber-framed windows" because of Permitted Development Rights regulations.

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