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AIA Housing Award Winners: 67 Photos of Incredible Places to Live

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From single-family homes to a remodeled and revitalized home for veterans, the importance of housing on display

Yesterday, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) bestowed its 2016 Housing Awards, showcasing 10 of the finest residential design from across the country. From a sleek Hawaiian home to angular camper cabins in the Minnesota wilderness, the jury celebrated new solutions to the challenge of compelling design. While many private commissions and luxury homes made the list, winners that offered creative concepts for low-income residents, veterans, and students showed the continued need for good design for a wide variety of circumstances and clients.

1180 Fourth Street (San Francisco, California: Mithun)

Located in the Mission Bay neighborhood, this multi-family, multi-use development offers low-income and formerly homeless residents a range of community spaces, including a 10,000-square-foot restaurant, daycare, and a courtyard. By addressing multiple needs in a single city block, the development becomes not just a home, but a community catalyst.

Cloverdale 749 (Los Angeles, California, Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects)

This multi-unit building stands out with its white form, meant to contrast with the surrounding stucco exteriors of its neighbors. The cladding was also designed to reduce solar heat load and energy costs endemic with being in the Southern California sun.

Commonwealth Honors College at University of Massachusetts (Amherst, Massachusetts: William Rawn Associates, Architects, Inc.)

Fitting 1,500 beds in seven new buildings on a campus hillside, this community development is more an academic village than a series of disparate dorm.

Hog Pen Creek Retreat (Austin, Texas: Lake|Flato Architects)

An L-shaped home, situated on a sloped site at the meeting points of Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin, recalls summers on the water, and utilizes setbacks and a creative layout to respond to a challenging site.

Homeless Veterans Transitional Housing, VA Campus (Los Angeles, California: Leo A Daly)

This bright new building resulted from a redesign and repurpose of a ‘40s-era clinic, restoring a historic landmark and providing needed care for 65 formerly homeless veterans.

Independence Pass Residence (Aspen, Colorado: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson)

Located at the edge of a nature preserve between a series of knolls, this home reflects its grand, natural surroundings, with quartzite walls and a glass-and-wood upper pavilion that stands watch atop slender stainless steel columns.

Island Residence (Honolulu, Hawaii: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson)

Taking advantage of the incredible climate, this home near the coast boasts copious indoor-outdoor space, and derives influences from both Japanese and Hawaiian heritage.

Newberg Residence (Newberg, Oregon: Cutler Anderson Architects)

This single-family home and modest guest house, linked to the landscape with a bridge over a small pond, features wood-and-steel construction and radiant heating to create a warm, vibrant Pacific Northwest retreat.

Oak Ridge House (Jackson, Mississippi: Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.)

This stunning home in Jackson, Mississippi, has a decidedly modern frame, and is oriented to take advantage of the outdoors.

Whitetail Woods Regional Park Camper Cabins (Farmington, Minnesota: HGA)

While they’re technically on concrete piers, this trio of 227-square-foot cabins riffs off the shape and form of treehouses, offering quiet comfort in the woods and floor-to-ceiling glass doors to frame the views.

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