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Missouri's 'African Queen' House Is Now on eBay, Still Asking $15 Million

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And now there is a complete list of all the custom features

What do you do when you've spent 10 years and over $3 million building your intensely customized "African Queen" home in Springfield, Missouri, listed it yourself for $15 million, and nobody bites? If you're Porsche dealer Michael Willhoit, who has somehow found himself in this exact situation, you put it up on eBay, still asking $15 million. The eBay listing comes with a breakdown of all of the house's custom features, and it is glorious:

• The 550,000 mosaic piece wood floor (with No Expense spared at a cost of $400,000) for a MERE 900 square feet!) assembled out of: Oak, Walnut and Ebony that also includes a 17 foot long, 20,000 piece 3-D African Crocodile by Archeypal Imagery's Avedis Duvenjian and Vartan Arutyunian out of Armenia and New York.


• Teak, reclaimed wood flooring strips, taken out of a building in Indonesia in 1750.

• Massive 8 Foot by 5 Foot Glass Floor Almost 2 inches thick and manufactured by same company that made the windows for the NASA Space Shuttles! Special Commissioned 2" Custom Cut Shake Roof from British Columbia

• Custom front doors from Goa, India, taken out of a Mausoleum in 1820.

And on, and on, and on. We highly recommend reading the whole thing, then looking through the pictures, then reading the features again, and just going back and forth forever.

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