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These 5 International Rentals Would Be Great Places to Vacation With a Bunch of Friends

Get away from it all, but don't do it alone

Julia Child's amazing French cottage showing up on Airbnb put us in the vacation mindset—specifically the mindset where you want to go on a vacation with a bunch of your friends, having a great time and splitting costs in the process, because while the Julia Child house is a bit pricey at $590/night, it also sleeps six, bringing the price down to under $100/person/night. With that in mind, as well as the tips from this very good story in The Cut, here are five vacation rentals that we would like to fly to with five or more friends, immediately:

This Moroccan villa, available for $336/night on HomeAway, sleeps six, and while what's outside the house—a heated pool, and a private garden with coconut and olive trees, bougainvillea, and rose bushes—might be the best part, the inside are certainly not too shabby either. There's also the option of concierge service.

In Ecuador, this three-story jungle-themed bamboo house was inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson. It accommodates six and is asking $100/night (plus another $25/guest for groups greater than four). It is also located right on the beach.

If you and your friends are looking for something a bit more ornate, this apartment in Catania, Sicily is probably the most ornate thing you're going to find. It's listed for $171/night and sleeps six, with each room—indeed, each square foot—providing some sort of unique mural, gilding, or upholstered piece of furniture.

This Sri Lankan forest retreat is basically open to the elements on all sides, bringing guests "as close to nature as possible." It goes for $125/night, plus another $25/night for each guest for groups of over five, and has eight beds.

This 5,000-square-foot property in Chile sleep 13 (13!) and is asking $393/night. It has an outdoor swimming pool with a sun deck as well as an outdoor hot tub, and it overlooks the ocean. Inside, there's a large fireplace and a wine cellar (although no word on whether it comes stocked with wine, which would really push this one over the top).

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