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Suave Hillside House for Family of Five Includes Infinity Pool, Idyllic Views

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The hills are alive with modern homes

When it comes to handsome modern homes, California, Brazil, and Tokyo rank fairly high on our list. But Austria? Yes, Austria. Case in point: House E, a hillside residence in the Austrian city of Linz designed by local firm Caramel Architects. The house isn't just about the vast idyllic views of the surrounding village, which is an undeniable asset, but also about the light-filled open-plan interiors meant to serve the needs of a family of five.

Though the house technically rises two stories, the first floor (at ground level) is partially submerged, built into the hill. A staircase off the entry leads up to the airy common areas, including an open-plan living room with floors made of broad wood slats. Natural light streams in via glazing on two sides and porthole-like skylights.

The house also features a sauna that leads to a rock garden and an infinity pool with an adjacent deck for taking in the bucolic view.

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